Toddler Life

You Know You Have a Toddler When…

1. You find yourself saying “Sit on your bottom!” all day long. I am waiting for the reply of “What else would I sit on Mom?”

2. You hide half the toys and switch them out weekly. Ain’t no toddler getting bored in this house.

3. You keep an arsenal of “special jobs” to give your toddler so you can have 2 minutes to pee in peace. “Please J there is water here on the floor. Can you get your towel and clean this up?”

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4. You find yourself saying things you never thought you would have to. “Please don’t spit on the couch” and “Please don’t try to ride the dog.”

5. You hide in the pantry to eat a snack because you’re eating something he can’t have or maybe you just don’t want to share. When you hear the footsteps come running to find you, you quickly inhale that snack before you are busted.

6. You play a constant guessing game all day. Is he pointing at the freezer for blueberries or yogurt? Guess wrong and there could be a tantrum.

7. You fold laundry faster than you go to the bathroom. If you’re caught, the piles will be on the floor and you will have to begin again.

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8. You find yourself humming the tunes to the Little People toys… even if you wake up in the middle of the night.

9. You make up songs to survive diaper changes.

10. You can easily cook supper, switch laundry, wash the windows, or do other household chores one handed because you have a toddler on your hip.

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I could go on and on. No two days are the same (nor would I want it to be). Days with my toddler are sometimes (always) a challenge but among the chaos, is a little boy learning his way around the world and I wouldn’t change where we are at for a second. If I could keep him this age, I would! Someday he won’t want to hold my hand or give me kisses. For now, I will love the chaos. This little boy may make my head spin but at the end of the day, he has my whole heart.

Tell me your funniest toddler moments!! <3

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